When people hear that I live in Costa Rica, they ask, “But why did you choose to live in Costa Rica, of all the countries of the world?” To which I would always answer,
“The weather is excellent, the women are beautiful, the land is good, and the beaches are untouched …”

Live in Costa Rica for the experience!

I do not wear a watch but i usually know what time it is. I do not make appointments. Yet I grew up with respect for time. Being on time was a virtue and making and keeping apointments was a top priority.

In the tropics time has lost all sense of meaning. When someone says to me “I’ll be there in five minutes” i know that i have an hour or more to wait. When they say an hour, it will have to wait at least a day.

Sometimes we go insane when we realize that time is but a figment of our imagination.

Life in the Tropics

Comparing life in the USA and Latin America is a common theme at gatherings of expats. I like listening to happy people tell of homelands where no-one seems happy, where life is endless drudgery and madness. How here things are good, are better.

I moved from California to Costa Rica in 1991. It was difficult at first because many things I took for granted were not available. But after a few years I forgot these things and discovered that I was living the dream: living in the moment, relaxed, laid back, spontaneous, happy.

However I sure do miss sitting at the breakfast dinner with the news paper, eggs, potatoes and bottomless coffee served by an adorable college girl who speaks english.

We must utilize what we have at hand.